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Toddler Sleep Tips

One of the many challenges we face as parents is sleep. We question ourselves, our habits, our decisions…. We feel exhausted at the end of the day and sometimes just give in to our toddlers. No parent is alone in the struggle in getting their toddler to sleep.

A recent post from Amerisleep provides some practical tips for you to consider. Remember, each suggestion is based on experience but your experience is your own.

The blog is a testimonial from 3-moms and their experiences with toddler sleep behaviors and how best to manage it. With the core practical advice of:

  1. Practice Good Sleep Habits During the Day

  2. Set an Earlier Bedtime

  3. Have a Firm Bedtime Routine

  4. Don‘t Make it Too Involved

  5. Find a Favorite Lovey

  6. Remember You Can Do This

In addition you will find some helpful FAQs.

Breath deep, be mindful of your energy, take a break if needed and most important remember you can do this!

We are a community so share your thoughts and experiences.

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