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The Best Snacks for Toddlers

What are the best snacks for your toddler? It can be a challenging and stressful topic and conversation - but it doesn't have to be! Review our top tips for the best snacks for toddlers. We introduce both the foods themselves and how to engage with your toddler too.

Why does my toddler battle me at meals?

The question of why did my child eat every bit of her dinner last night and tonight it's crossed arms and a lot of "NO" is what we all deal with at different times. In the article created by What to Expect the primary highlighted topics are not to do with the food:

  1. Asserting boundaries and control. It's not unique to meals and your toddler may be exerting his or her boundaries. Saying No and asking for something else is less about the food and more about controlling the situation. Engage on this, don't fight it or force it. That fight is not what your toddler needs. They need boudnaries, guidance and space.

  2. Fear of the unknown. Is there a new food on the plate? Are the foods mixed together or separate? All that will matter to your toddlers eyes. Keep that in mind and include them in meal prep or planning.

  3. My hunger vs your hunger. We have set meal times, it's how we work in Western society but that may not work for everyone especially your toddler. Their appetite ranges from their activity, growth, and just time of day. They may not be hungry exactly at dinner and then be hungry 20 minutes after. Work with it. Time together is important not finishing your plate.

So what will my toddler eat? How can I prepare healthy and inviting snacks? Review our top 10 snacks below of tried and proven ideas.

The Top 10 Snacks for Toddlers

Make the adjustments you need for your family and try some of the suggestions below:

  1. The green goodies. Make a plate of chopped avocado, cucumber, celery and green apples. The color plate may be enticing and it is a nice mix of fruits and veggies, crunchy and soft and flavor profile.

  2. Yogurt and jam. A scoop of organic yogurt and a spoonful of strawberry jam is a delicious and healthy treat.

  3. Pretzels and peanut butter. For a crunch and protein get a small bowl together. If you have a nut allergy in the family, use nut butter or substitute.

  4. The Berry blast smoothie. This is a fan favorite. Oat milk, peanut butter, banana, frozen blueberries, raspberries, strawberries (or fresh too) in the blender for the purple smoothie! Filling and healthy.

  5. The homemade muffin. You can bake. You know you can! Make a homemade muffin that is the right mix for your kids. A yummy option is easy to find.

  6. The snack plate. Get a mix of the favorites together and leave out for grazing: berries, granola, pretzels, grapes, carrots and hummus.

  7. Double down with the homemade popsicle. You can find many easy-to-use popsicle kids at home. Make a healthy, nourishing treat with water, salt, honey and lemons.

  8. On the go with granola bars and apple sauce. You try your best to have healthy, organic snacks and when you are on the go a granola bar and apple sauce will do just the trick.

  9. Protein bites. You can find a filling option at the Yummy Toddler.

  10. The egg... hard boiled or scrambled! A hard boiled egg is excellent for a quick intake of filling foods. Scrambled eggs are quick and easy to make too and are an nice snack.

Your needs and your toddler will very. Be prepared with good snacks at home and when out and about. It's easy to grab the quick packaged foods at the store or in the aisle at check out but we know they are not as filling and will only be a short-term fix. Let your kids eat as they need to. Be open to their ideas too!

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