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Making Thanksgiving Memorable: Fun Activities for Kids

As Thanksgiving approaches, it’s the perfect time to create lasting memories with your children through fun and festive activities. From crafting to cooking, here are some delightful ways to celebrate the season with your little ones.

Turkey Crafts

Get creative with turkey-themed crafts! Gather some construction paper, googly eyes, and feathers to make adorable handprint turkeys. You can also create turkey hats or even design your own turkey-shaped place cards for the Thanksgiving table.

Gratitude Jar

Foster a sense of gratitude by creating a gratitude jar. Have each family member write down something they’re thankful for every day leading up to Thanksgiving and place it in the jar. On the big day, take turns reading aloud and reflecting on the notes.

Pumpkin Pie Playdough

Combine the joy of sensory play with the delicious aroma of pumpkin pie. Make homemade pumpkin pie-scented playdough and let your kids mold mini pumpkins, turkeys, and other Thanksgiving-themed shapes.

Nature Scavenger Hunt

Take advantage of the crisp fall weather with a nature scavenger hunt. Head to a local park or your backyard and create a list of autumn items for your kids to find, such as colorful leaves, acorns, or pinecones.


Read Thanksgiving-themed books together. Whether it’s classic tales about the Pilgrims or modern stories celebrating gratitude, sharing a good book is a wonderful way to bond and introduce the history and spirit of Thanksgiving.

Bake Together

Involve your little ones in the kitchen by baking Thanksgiving treats. Whether it’s pumpkin muffins, turkey-shaped cookies, or a simple apple pie, the experience of cooking together can be as delightful as the final product.

Thankful Tree

Create a decorative “Thankful Tree” by cutting out paper leaves and having each family member write something they’re thankful for on a leaf. Attach the leaves to branches or a small tree, and watch your gratitude-filled tree grow throughout the month.

Parade Watching

If you can’t attend a Thanksgiving Day parade in person, make it a cozy family tradition to watch it on TV together. Prepare some snacks and enjoy the colorful floats and festive atmosphere from the comfort of your living room.

These activities are sure to bring joy and a sense of togetherness to your Thanksgiving celebrations. Remember, it’s the simple moments that make the holiday season truly special for children and adults alike. Happy Thanksgiving!


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