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Aankhen 2002 Hindi 720p DvDRip X264 AC3 5.1...Hon3y: A Review of the Star-Studded Cast, Plot, and Twist

Aankhen 2002: A Heist Thriller with a Twist

If you are looking for a Bollywood movie that combines action, suspense, comedy, and drama, then you should check out Aankhen 2002. This movie is a remake of a Gujarati play called Andhalo Pato (Blindman's Buff) and tells the story of a disgruntled bank manager who recruits three blind men to rob his former employer. The movie has a star-studded cast, including Amitabh Bachchan, Akshay Kumar, Sushmita Sen, Arjun Rampal, and Paresh Rawal. It also has a surprising twist at the end that will keep you guessing until the last minute.

Aankhen 2002 Hindi 720p DvDRip X264 AC3 5.1...Hon3yl

But before you watch Aankhen 2002, you might want to know what DvDRip X264 AC3 5.1...Hon3y means. This is a format that indicates the quality of the video and audio of the movie. DvDRip means that the movie was ripped from a DVD source, which means it has a high resolution and clarity. X264 means that the video was encoded using a codec that compresses the file size without losing much quality. AC3 means that the audio was encoded using Dolby Digital, which provides surround sound effects. 5.1 means that there are six channels of audio: front left, front right, center, rear left, rear right, and subwoofer. Hon3y is the name of the group that ripped and encoded the movie. So, if you watch Aankhen 2002 in DvDRip X264 AC3 5.1...Hon3y format, you will enjoy a clear picture and a realistic sound that will enhance your viewing experience. Now that you know what this format means, let's dive into the plot summary of Aankhen 2002. Plot summary

Aankhen 2002 revolves around Vijay Singh Rajput (Amitabh Bachchan), a strict and ruthless bank manager who works for Vilasrao Jefferson Bank. He is respected by his superiors for his impeccable record and performance, but he also has a temperamental and schizophrenic personality that makes him lash out at anyone who makes a mistake. One day, he catches one of his employees trying to cheat a customer and beats him up violently. This incident leads to his dismissal from the bank, which he considers as an injustice and an insult. Vijay decides to take revenge on the bank by robbing it of all its money. He comes up with an ingenious plan: he will train three blind men to carry out the heist for him. He b70169992d


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