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Michael Jackson - They Dont Care About Us (Brazil Version)

So he set out to create a video presentation that would get his point across. Enter Spike Lee and more controversy. The initial video was shot in an impoverished area of Rio de Janeiro. Rio officials were concerned about the impact the video would have on Brazil's image related to tourism and the upcoming Olympics. A judge actually banned the filming but the ruling was overturned. The final product was a very inspiring production that saw Michael Jackson work his magic in front of countless participants and hundreds of onlookers. One woman managed to break through security and hug Jackson. Michael managed to return the hug and carry on. Another woman grabs him from behind and knocks him down, but he manages to get up and continue. These incidents make it into the video which adds to the authenticity. The Spike Lee connection really worked because as Jackson said, "It's a public awareness kind of song and that's what he is all about. It's a protest kind of song...and I think he was perfect for it." The back drop of the song sent a strong message. The truth is, this video could have been shot in literally thousands of poor locales throughout the inner cities of the U.S. and around the world. The video opens with a Brazilian woman saying "Michael, they don't care about us." Unfortunately, she was right. Unfortunately, the message has still not gotten through on the whole but according to reports, the area where the video was shot did receive a commitment for improvement and it has been referred to as 'a model for social development' and they cite Jackson's efforts as at least partially responsible for the change. Here is the video:

Michael Jackson - They Dont Care About Us (Brazil Version)


The video then splices in footage of a range of atrocities such as, police attacking African Americans, Tiananmen Square, the Ku Klux Klan, war crimes, genocide, martial law and other human rights abuses. It is a masterpiece. The lasting impression is of course this video could probably be reshot annually. Nothing has really changed and the people who have the power to enact change seem to do the most to prevent real change, while only protecting the interests of those with the money, who quite literally have the most to give, but never will, because 'they don't really care about us.'

BG: Yeah we worked together. I was in his studio for about a month in Bahia, and Carlinhos is from Bahia. He can create incredible sounds that you could not get from anywhere else, but he also works with a lot of talented Bahia-based people that played with me, and also on my second album. He kind of created a thing with everyone in the community that he takes care of it. The reason that this works is because the people in Bahia, they are so into music that everyone kind of has music or a rhythm feeling or talent inside of them because Bahia itself is a town and a State that has a lot of music and magic and passion and this is the influence that you get just being there. I got married in Bahia, and that's where I am going to be going now. So, I would say you don't know Brazil if you don't go to Bahia. 041b061a72


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