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Canon T5i Body Only Best Buy PATCHED

The Sony A6000 was one of the best compact interchangeable lens cameras we reviewed last year. It has a big, high-resolution APS-C sensor, a small but ergonomic body, great burst shooting capability, and a fantastic electronic viewfinder.

canon t5i body only best buy

You'll need to get a lens to go with this body-only deal, but with the D7100 at least you'll have hundreds of options. The only other catch is that this is a manufacturer-refurbished camera, but with a 90-day warranty you'll have plenty of time to make sure there aren't any defects.

This isn't the best Canon camera for video, as it can only record 4k with a severe crop, affecting everything from autofocus performance to video quality. So, if you are interested in video or vlogging, you're better off sticking to 1080p with this camera. Lens options are also more limited for Canon's EF-M mount. Despite its shortcomings, this is still a great choice if you're after simplicity and portability at a price that won't break the bank.

The Fujifilm X-T5 ($1,699.95, body only) marks a return to form for the series, quite literally, thanks to a body style that's more in line with earlier models and not the upsized X-T4. Creators who missed the slimmer body will find a host of upgrades here, including a focus system that's now boosted by intelligent subject recognition and a staggering 40MP resolution. The hallmark dial-based controls are here too, so fans of Fuji's retro approach to camera design should check this one out. As much as we like the X-T5, the Canon EOS R7 betters it in autofocus and snaps great-looking pictures in its own right, so it remains our Editors' Choice.

The X-T5 walks back the radical design changes Fuji made to the series with the X-T4. The new camera drops the front-facing screen from its predecessor, returning to the dual-hinged design last seen on the X-T3. This is good news for photographers who missed the screen design, and it now comes in a body with a stabilized sensor and the best EVF in an X-T camera to date.

Rather than only recommend mirrorless cameras for professional photographers that may be too expensive for enthusiasts, we also include budget mirrorless cameras for beginners that offer the best bang for your buck.

But that "Mark II" in the Canon EOS M6 Mark II says a lot. This isn't Canon's first attempt at an APS-C mirrorless camera (it makes quite a few models in the EOS M line beyond the M6, as well). Boasting a 32-megapixel sensor and a compact body, the M6 II makes improvements where Nikon is only just getting started. 041b061a72


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