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Add Some Zoom to Your Instagram Highlights with These Cover Images - Free Download

Choosing and editing a good cover image for your Instagram Stories is important, as it gives your followers or people visitng your page an idea of what will be included in the highlight. Editing a Highlight Cover Photo is pretty straightforward, simply follow these steps:

Over is one of the most popular free tools you can use to boost your Instagram profile. This app is available for free on iOS and Android devices. Download it by following the link from above and start using it for Instagram highlights covers:

instagram highlight cover zoom download

These files will be zipped. Make sure to unzip them and send them to your mobile gallery so you can use them as Instagram highlights covers. On Instagram, visit the profile page and tap on highlights you want to edit. Select More, followed by Edit Highlight, and finally choose Edit Cover. Choose the image you created in Canva from your gallery and upload it. Press Done to confirm.

You can count on Instagram to find new ways to give users creative freedom to express themselves through the platform. Since its initial creation, Instagram has evolved from just picture sharing to sharing reels, videos and stories. Now, you can add another layer of personalization. Try adding a highlight cover for Instagram to stories you spotlight on your profile.

Carefully plan out what you want your personal or business profile page to look like. As you create your Instagram story highlight covers, make a note of the color preferences and fonts you are using. This helps your profile look uniform as you create covers over time.

I want to access the cover photo of an Instagram story highlight in its full size. I'm not sure if this is accessible through the Instagram API but I'm assuming there will be a similar solution to the one used for profile pictures (1080x1080 photos via Instagram API).

Here's a public story highlight cover photo from Instagram's official page:

If you went to bed satisfied with the aesthetic of your Instagram Story Highlight covers only to wake up to your covers missing, you're not alone. A reported Instagram glitch seems to have caused the cover images on a profile's saved IG Story Highlights to default to the first photo posted to the Highlight, rather than the intended cover photo users had picked out. While that alone might not seem to be a huge problem, the bigger issue is that some users are reportedly having trouble changing their Highlight cover photos back. So what did those affected do? Well, obviously, they took to Twitter first: "umm why did Instagram change my highlights covers . . . and won't let me change them back?" one user wrote. As hundreds of similar tweets stacked up, the Twitterverse has worked together to solve the problem. So what's the conclusion? Here's what we've gathered.

You can pick a background color, then add your icon for your cover image right in the middle of the rectangle (like the cupcake above). When you are picking the highlight icon, you can zoom and adjust how the icon appears in the Instagram app.

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When you create highlights for your Instagram Stories, you have the option of making IG story highlight covers and icons for each. This keeps things looking uniform and organized on your Instagram profile. At the same time, it gives new and existing followers the chance to take a look at past Story content.

Your Instagram Story highlight cover should be 1080 x 1920 pixels with a 9:16 aspect ratio. Unlike standard Instagram square posts and profile pictures, these IG Story highlight covers are the same size as Stories.

Editing and adding an Instagram highlight cover is fairly easy. Instagram makes it simple to change your icon cover, too. In order to do this, you will want to navigate to your Instagram Story highlight and click on the bottom right of the Story.

After stories, Instagram has introduced Highlights. Nothing fancy, just our stories that are permanently glued to our profiles, forever! Unless you go the extra mile to delete them. Highlights appear right below our bio in cute little circles that are, in fact, folders. And you can now download Instagram highlights too!

StorySaver is a free online website to grant your wish to save as many IG Highlights from any account. It is the bread to your butter. Lets you download Instagram highlights and save them on your PC or phone. Making it possible to re-live the memories you cherish. And yeah, you can now secretly save Gym Highlights of your crush and drool. Don't be shy; it's not a crime.

Believe it or not, StorySaver only takes a few precious seconds of your life. It downloads Instagram Highlights anonymously so you can stop worrying about people discovering about your crush. Excited yet? Besides, it doesn't even require any boring registrations or costly purchasing.

Instragam highlight cover is the best way to show people what your story will be about. But creating a new highlight cover theme each time can be troublesome. This article will look at how to download the Instagram highlight cover step by step.

Furthermore, you can also make custom Instagram highlight covers. Choose unique and different colors from the color palette and put them on a blank canvas. This is how you will be able to create a custom highlight cover.

Did you know you can set up Instagram Highlight Covers? Don't worry about how because we are here to help you with that. You can share on Instagram in many ways. Stories are one such way to interact with your Instagram friends. A story stays on your profile for 24 hours from the time you post it. But you can add those stories to create a highlight. The highlights become a part of your profile and are visible just below your Bio. Now, why change or set up the highlight cover?

Step-3 Long Press on Highlight: Just below the edit profile options, your highlights appear. Select the highlight for which you want to set up a cover. You need to long-press on the highlight to add a cover.

Now, let us understand how to use these highlight covers. You can arrange the highlights in different categories. For instance, food, friends, family, thoughts, dances, and alike. Whenever you post a story, you can add it to the highlight as per the category.

So, make your profile look more beautiful and catchy by using the feature of highlight covers. You can search for someone on Instagram and look at how they have arranged highlights and covers for inspiration.

When it comes to designing Instagram Highlight covers, Canva is the most popular tool available. Free to use on your desktop and free to download as an app to your iPhone, Canva provides hundreds of templates to use as-is or to tweak to make them your own.

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