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Download Final Destination Part 1 English 12

VeriFLY ensures travelers will have met the required COVID related travel requirements for entry into you final destination. Travelers who are transiting through countries should check for any specific travel requirements for flight connections at that location.

download final destination part 1 english 12

While VeriFLY will streamline and expedite the verification process for check-in at departure, customers will need to continue to follow the rules and regulations of their destination country (e.g. Jamaica). We are working to expand the VeriFLY app to international destinations so that it can be accepted on both ends of the travel journey for a more streamlined customer experience.

This is just the first step in a multi-phase process to make international travel easier for travelers. We are working to expand acceptance of the app for boarding to more destinations, and are actively participating in discussions with several countries to expand app acceptance. The ultimate goal is to give travelers a streamlined verification process on both ends of the travel journey.

If you are eligible, you can request Dubai Connect services through Manage your booking(Opens in the same window) once you complete all the entry and testing requirements for travel to Dubai and your final destination.

Once the digital document check is complete, you can travel to the airport with peace of mind, knowing that you have the correct, valid documents with you. When flying to certain destinations, local regulations may require your documents to be checked once more at your departure airport.

If your trip includes connecting flights, you have to take into consideration the entry regulations of your transfer country as well as the regulations of the final destination. So please upload all the Covid-19 documents required for the entire journey to the digital document check.


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