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Lovato Rgam 24 Manual .pdf | Updated

Lovato RGAM 24 Manual

The Lovato RGAM 24 is a microprocessor-controlled unit for automatic control of stand-by generating sets and mains-generator changeover when mains anomalies occur. It monitors and displays the status of all critical engine and alternator functions and provides three-phase control of the mains, including asymmetry and single phase control of the generator, with RMS readings. It also features a serial RS232 port for remote control by personal computer via normal or GSM modem for supervision, troubleshooting and maintenance purposes.


This article provides a brief overview of the Lovato RGAM 24 manual, which can be downloaded as a PDF file from [here]. The manual contains detailed instructions on how to install, operate, program and troubleshoot the unit, as well as technical specifications and wiring diagrams.


The Lovato RGAM 24 unit must be installed by qualified personnel, complying to current standards, to avoid damages or safety hazards. The unit should be mounted on a panel with four screws and connected to the power supply, the engine, the alternator, the mains and the remote devices according to the wiring diagrams provided in the manual. The unit can be powered by either 12VDC or 24VDC, depending on the model. The power supply must be protected by a fuse and connected to a battery charger. The unit must be grounded to prevent electrostatic discharges.


The Lovato RGAM 24 unit has a graphic LCD display with backlight for displaying measurements, a membrane keypad with 12 keys for user interface, and nine LEDs for indicating operating modes and states. The unit can operate in two modes: manual or automatic. In manual mode, the user can start and stop the generator manually by pressing the corresponding keys on the keypad. In automatic mode, the unit will start and stop the generator automatically according to the mains status and the programmed parameters. The unit also performs automatic test cycles to check the generator functionality.

The unit can display various parameters on the LCD screen, such as voltage, current, frequency, power, power factor, engine speed, oil pressure, coolant temperature, fuel level, battery voltage, running hours, etc. The user can scroll through the different screens by pressing the arrow keys on the keypad. The user can also access various menus on the LCD screen by pressing the menu key on the keypad. The menus allow the user to set up, modify, save and load various parameters related to the unit operation, such as thresholds, timers, alarms, inputs/outputs configuration, etc. The menus are protected by passwords to prevent unauthorized access.


The Lovato RGAM 24 unit can be programmed either locally or remotely. Locally, the user can program the unit by using the keypad and the LCD screen on the unit front panel. Remotely, the user can program the unit by using a personal computer connected to the serial RS232 port of the unit via a normal or GSM modem. The remote programming requires a special software called PC-RGAM, which allows the user to obtain various information from the unit, such as status supervision of all variables, access to all front panel functions with graphic display, possibility to read, set, modify, save on disk, print and reload all parameters, access to events log, etc. The software also supports different languages: English-Italian-French-Portuguese-Spanish.


The Lovato RGAM 24 unit has a built-in self-diagnosis system that detects and signals any faults or anomalies that may occur during operation. The unit displays various alarms on the LCD screen and activates corresponding outputs to warn the user of any abnormal conditions. The alarms are classified into two types: warning alarms and shutdown alarms. Warning alarms indicate minor faults that do not affect the operation of the generator but require attention from the user. Shutdown alarms indicate major faults that cause the immediate stop of the generator and require intervention from qualified personnel.

The manual provides a list of possible alarms with their causes and remedies. Some common alarms are: low oil pressure, high coolant temperature, low fuel level, over/under voltage/frequency/current/power/power factor of mains/generator, phase sequence/rotation/asymmetry error of mains/generator, etc. The user should follow the instructions in the manual to identify and resolve any alarm condition.

Technical Specifications

The Lovato RGAM 24 unit has the following technical specifications:

Power supply

12VDC or 24VDC (depending on model)

Power consumption

Max 5W

Operating temperature

-20C to +70C

Storage temperature

-40C to +85C

Relative humidity

95% non-condensing

Protection degree

IP54 (front panel)


144x144x58 mm


1.014 kg

The manual also provides the electrical specifications of the inputs and outputs of the unit, such as voltage, current, frequency, power, resistance, etc. The user should refer to the manual for more details.


The Lovato RGAM 24 is a versatile and reliable unit for automatic control of stand-by generating sets and mains-generator changeover. It offers a user-friendly interface, a wide range of functions and features, and a remote control and supervision capability. The user should read the manual carefully before installing, operating, programming and troubleshooting the unit. The manual can be downloaded as a PDF file from [here].

I hope this article was helpful. If you have any questions or feedback, please let me know.


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