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Parable Of The Pipeline Ebook Free Download

Parable of the Pipeline Ebook Free Download

The Parable of the Pipeline is a book by Burke Hedges that teaches how anyone can build a pipeline of ongoing residual income in the new economy. The book uses a simple story of two men, Pablo and Bruno, who live in a village that depends on water from a nearby spring. Pablo and Bruno are both water carriers who earn money by carrying buckets of water from the spring to the village. However, Pablo decides to build a pipeline that can deliver water to the village without him having to carry buckets. Bruno thinks Pablo is wasting his time and continues to carry buckets. The book shows how Pablo's pipeline eventually pays off and gives him financial freedom, while Bruno remains stuck in the bucket-carrying rat race.

The Parable of the Pipeline is a powerful metaphor for the difference between linear income and residual income. Linear income is the income that you earn by trading your time for money, such as working a job or providing a service. Residual income is the income that you earn by creating or owning an asset that generates money for you, such as a business, a product, an investment, or a royalty. The book argues that in order to achieve financial security and independence, you need to build your own pipelines of residual income that can provide you with passive income streams.

parable of the pipeline ebook free download

The book also explains how the new economy has changed the rules of money and wealth creation. The book claims that job security is an illusion and that pipelines of residual income provide the only true security. The book warns that relying on linear income alone can make you vulnerable to economic downturns, inflation, taxes, and competition. The book encourages you to leverage your time, relationships, and money to create multiple pipelines of residual income that can grow exponentially and last for generations.

If you are interested in reading The Parable of the Pipeline, you might be wondering if you can download it for free online. The answer is yes, but you need to be careful about where you get it from. There are many websites that claim to offer free ebooks, but some of them might be illegal, unsafe, or unreliable. You don't want to risk getting into trouble with the law, infecting your device with malware, or wasting your time on low-quality or incomplete files.

One of the best ways to download The Parable of the Pipeline ebook for free is to use [the Internet Archive], a non-profit digital library that offers millions of free books, movies, music, and more. The Internet Archive has a scanned copy of The Parable of the Pipeline that you can view online or download as a PDF file. You can also borrow the ebook for 14 days using [the Internet Archive's Open Library], which requires you to create a free account and install Adobe Digital Editions on your device.

Another option is to use [Google Books], a service that allows you to search and preview millions of books from libraries and publishers worldwide. Google Books has a preview of The Parable of the Pipeline that you can read online or download as an EPUB file. However, the preview might not include all the pages or chapters of the book, so you might not get the full content.

In conclusion, The Parable of the Pipeline is a valuable book that can teach you how to create wealth and freedom by building pipelines of residual income. You can download it for free online from reputable sources like [the Internet Archive] or [Google Books], but make sure you respect the author's rights and follow the terms and conditions of each website.


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