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Concrete Bridge Practice V.k. Raina Pdf

the loads acting on the bridge in the three different load cases are load cases-i, ii & iii as shown in fig. 8 (a) & fig. 8 (b). for the design of the bridge, the bridge, as per the fundamental concept of designing, must carry the loads which are considered in the design. each type of loads is designed so as to avoid any damage to bridge. for any design, the dimension of the loads to be incorporated in the design must be as per the code standards of the country, traffic capacity and safety of the bridge.

concrete bridge practice v.k. raina pdf


the forces which are considered for the design of the bridge may be divided in two groups. the first group is the live load forces and the second group is the dead load forces. the live load forces which may occur on a structure-loaded bridge are as follows.

after retirement from the united nations he was appointed by the government of india as team leader of the 25 member un multi-lateral project team of experts for indias road-network development and maintenance project. he took up the project duties in january 2000, submitted the final report in may 2002 and by 2006 the project had expanded into 4km of roads built with nearly 750,000 concrete slabs using 12degree slope. he was technical advisor to the un, world bank and the government of india. he has also worked on the multi-million euro roads project for the government of bahrain. the forum is a yearly event of anvita, a prestigious multi-disciplinary, doctoral university in thiruvananthapuram in india, where he teaches, conducts research and practices. in 2004, he was designated anvitas distinguished professor.


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