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Wrs - Why | Official Music Video

Andrei-Ionuț Ursu (Romanian pronunciation: [anˈdrej joˈnut͡s ˈursu]; born 16 January 1993), known professionally as Wrs (IPA: [urs] (listen); stylized in all lowercase), is a Romanian singer and dancer. Before starting his career as an artist, he worked as a dancer for famous artists such as Inna, Antonia or Carla's Dreams and was part of the Pro TV ballet on shows such as Vocea României and Românii au talent.[1] In January 2020, he signed with Global Records and started the electro-pop music project with the stage name Wrs.[2]

wrs - why | official music video


Before starting his career as an artist, he worked as a dancer for famous artists and was part of the corps de ballet in TV shows. In 2015, he started his musical career in the boy band Shot. After two years, he left the project, moved to London and started composing music. In January 2020, he signed with Global Records and started his electropop music project under the stage name WRS.

Notwithstanding this official statement TVR revealed the jury result they intended to give in the final. Sanda Ladoși, Luminița Anghel, Ovi Jacobsen, Liviu Elekeș and Mihai Pocorschi made the Romanian jury. The juror voted as follows:

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ImageI don't want to say I've watched the "Star Wars" trailer a lot. Actually, I do want to say that. But I've seen it so often, that I can instantly recognize the music once somebody in our newsroom fires it up. And then I promptly go out and watch the trailer like six times after that. Boba Fett is also at the 1:23 mark. NBD.

ImageSpeaking of music, Blink 182 will have a new album soon with a new lead singer. Normally, I'm a little dubious when a front man is replaced in a band. But I really do believe this could work with Matt Skiba and I welcome the new album. Plus, Mark Hoppus always lent vocals to songs, too. So it won't be totally jarring.

ImageBlink 182 (along with the Beastie Boys) had some of the best music videos ever. And damn it, I miss music videos. So, in what I hope becomes a weekly part of this program, is to offer you a cool music video from days past and put it out there for you to check out. So in honor of Blink 182, here is "Josie".

I really wish Ameer Abdullah had played better for all of us this year. I was so excited about him headed into the season. But this has been brutal. I would still hang on to him. I feel like I'm the band on the Titanic playing sad music as the ship sinks, though.

Hey fam.. We love supporting music. If you see a cool photo of you on our site, please be a legend and don't steal it. Drop us a line so we can put you in touch with the photographer that captured it so you can buy a copy. 041b061a72


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