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A Night To Regret !NEW!

Background: Studies exploring "anticipated regret" concerning alcohol rarely consider the broader consequences of excessive drinking that might be regretted. Even if specific regrettable experiences are identified, interventions targeting them may not succeed because individuals are often optimistic about their risk susceptibility.

A Night To Regret

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Objectives: This study examined the consequences young adult drinkers reported, and the extent to which these were regretted. It then explored whether consequences and regrets differentiated between high risk, low risk and light drinkers, and whether regret was related to optimism.

Methods: A cross-sectional on-line questionnaire measured drinking behavior, consequences (frequency) and regrets (extent of likely regret) and risk perceptions (in general, and compared to others).

Results: 273 participants were recruited (light (30%), low-risk (40%), and high-risk drinkers (30%). PCA detected three types of experience (common-e.g., vomiting; after-effects-e.g., being depressed; and "serious"-e.g., drunk-driving), and three types of regret ("serious"-e.g., being aggressive; "common"-e.g., wasting time; and "risky behavior regrets"-e.g., drugs). Multinomial regression found the high-risk drink group more likely to be male, had more experiences but regretted these experiences less than other groups. Regrets and optimism interacted, so that higher scores on common regrets were associated with greater optimism. The high-risk group was particularly characterized by optimism.

Conclusions: High-risk drinkers may be unresponsive to anticipated regret manipulations as they do not regret post-alcohol "bad" experiences, and some regrets were associated with comparative optimism. Interventions may need to focus less on regret and aim to change risk perceptions.

This film is a by-the-numbers thriller about a psycho stalker who entraps young Chelsey Bilson when she makes a big boo-boo by undressing on camera to earn some extra bucks to pay for law school and her burgeoning career as a filmmaker. Chelsea should never have become embroiled in her former friend Milla's webcam operation. The moment early in the film where Chelsea accepts payment from Milla simply compounded Chelsea's poor judgment.The psycho is Jake Peters, who clearly has some technical skills, as he spies and hacks his way to kidnapping Chelsea. At one of the critical junctures of the film, Chelsea's boyfriend Eric, her mother and the mother's boyfriend Paul track down Jake. When they arrive at the warehouse, they utter the predictable dictum, "Let's split up!" Bad decision.The best relationship that was developed in the film was between the mother Beverly and her daughter Chelsea. While clearly devoted to her daughter, Bev was overly strict. It was clear that Chels really didn't want to be in law school, as her passion was filmmaking,In the end, the traumatic experience brings mother and daughter together. Still, Chelsea's lousy judgment in doing the dance, then taking Milla's check was an incident to regret. But it will certainly be a night to remember.

There was LeBron James, and then there was regret. There was cry-in-your-pillow, what-did-we-lose-here regret. The kind of regret that lasts an entire summer, if the Indiana Pacers happen to let this series slip away for a third straight spring.

Regret that they didn't get it done on a night when LeBron James (22 points, seven rebounds, six assists) spent most of the evening playing facilitator before taking over late in the third quarter and in the fourth quarter.

Regret that they didn't finish the job on a night when Lance Stephenson went toe-to-toe with Dwyane Wade, scoring 25 points to Wade's 24. At one point late in the game, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra put super-pest Norris Cole on Stephenson, who was killing Miami with dribble penetration.

The whole evening felt like a gritty, sometimes sloppy prelude to the last 5 minutes, and in those five minutes, the Heat likely saved their season and their dynasty. James was quiet most of the night, but late in the third quarter and throughout the fourth quarter, he consistently put his head down, straight-lined it to the basket and kicked out to open shooters. Then, with everything on the line, he took over, did what Michael and Larry and Magic used to do.

KENYON: Well, on social media, they're called Bregretters. A lot of them have, frankly, stopped talking to the media, once they go public, they just get savaged online. But I did reach one of those Leave voters last night. His name is Michael Gibson (ph). He was actually working the night shift at a bakery in Cheshire in northwest England. So on his break, he - we talked on his cell phone.

However, more than half of those who discovered what they were getting for Christmas (56 percent) later regretted their curiosity and said they wished they had not looked. Four in 10 even complained that they had spoiled Christmas.

The blurry circumstances on the night of Feb. 14, 2013, and the charges and counter-charges, have earned Pistorius comparison to US football running back O.J. Simpson, who was tried and acquitted in Los Angeles for murdering his wife after what was deemed by the media "the trial of the century."

But it's understood that the athlete felt strongly that he wanted to express his personal sorrow and regret to Steenkamp's loved ones on the anniversary of her death, so issued a carefully worded statement with the lawyers' blessing following a family meeting Thursday, according to sources.

After my first forbearance, I took a look at my loans and was in shock. The interest that had accrued was absolutely absurd. If my memory is correct, I believe nearly $1,500 in interest accrued every three months. And no, I did not take my private loans out from Western Sky. That was when I first took a hard look at what I had out there in student loan debt and exactly what I was dealing with. Most of the loans were federal (which tend to be easier to handle today) and some were private. The private loans were the nightmare. They were/are unwilling to negotiate or help, have sky high interest rates, and are not particularly flexible in payment plans.

Radio, I here confess, is the only permissible medium for these productions. Broadcast central is the kitchen table, where (swaddled in robe and nightshirt) I struggle to string one semi-coherent word after another, while holding a telephone to one ear and glancing at my notebook to spot a phrase or point worth raising.

On occasion, the odd hour can lead to moments of regret, sentences that defy diagramming or the intrusion of emotion. During late spring of 2008, in the pre-dawn morn after a full day of punditry, I got into a brief on-air kerfuffle about the purity of my political analysis. When I asserted my nonpartisan independence with gusto, saying I try mightily to be as fair as possible, one sensitive listener found the defense of my virtue worthy of comment. 041b061a72


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