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Gfx Boot Customizer V1.0.0.7 Mega

I just used the included mouse/keyboard set for the first time and wow, it works great! I will just be copying and pasting the game player and game client from the MEGA as long as I don't decide I want to use BN's reataer as my mouse/keyboard. I will just be using Safari to paste the games :)

gfx boot customizer v1.0.0.7 mega

Being inspired by the broad popularity of streamlined mid-length boots, the Scarpa Spirit 4 features few of the boot's characteristic details like its huge lip or calf-hole cutouts, instead focusing on simply making the boots taller and more minimalist.

The Spirit 3's mid-height lasts are fairly quick, so I didn't explore them too deeply. The Spirit 4's last, however, is longer than that of the pair's predecessor, and its higher midsize is softer than that of the last. Even on the new last, the Spirit 4 feels like it offers some more support for shorter people, and my size 45 fit the boot to a T.

Mackra's Blast is one of the most popular boots on the market, so there is plenty of competition. After testing the Blast, I found the Scarpa Spirit 4 to have a leg up on form, function, and feel over the Blast. On the negative side, I didn't love the Spirit 3's mid-height last and wished the Blast had the same mid-height. Both the Blast and the Spirit 3 are simply too stiff in their mid-heights to make them suitable for snowboarding, due to the nature of the sport and the ability to heel-hook even more than with every other boot.

As far as aesthetics go, the Scarpa Spirit 4 is nearly indistinguishable from the Spirit 3, and I enjoyed it even more. The ice blue and burgundy colorways are nicely executed, and the high-top version is no slouch either. Of course, the Spirit 4's boot purists will likely prefer the Spirit 3's sleek combination of light blue and grey. Aesthetically, however, the Spirit 4 is a true winner.


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