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We Wish You A Married Christmas Subtitles English

hi,i have watched the youtube videos of some scenes but couldnt understand much without english subtitles. in the last episode, why was sherezaad marrying another man? i mean, i saw a video of onur and her wedding celebrations so when/why did they get divorced!

We Wish You a Married Christmas subtitles English

Sterritt * A married artist embarks on a kinky love affair with a younger woman. This sexually explicit South Korean drama aims more to jolt than to illuminate, but it illustrates an aspect of Asian cinema that globally minded moviegoers should know about as films from that region take on more international prominence. In Korean with English subtitles

Sterritt *** The gently told story of a married woman whose love affair with her husband's employer has considerable consequences for herself and her family. Sensitive acting and a detailed sense of location help distinguish this commendably modest production. The original French title is "Un Pont entre deux rives." In French with English subtitles

PEACOCK ANNOUNCES PREMIERE DATES FOR STREAMER'S TPLUS PROGRAMMING SLATE FROM TELEMUNDO Tplus' Original Slate Includes 'Til Jail do us Part (Scripted, 9/15), Leopard Skin (Scripted, 11/17) and Love for the Ages (Unscripted, 12/15), Which Will All Launch on Peacock's Premium Tier www.PeacockTV.comPeacock announced today the premiere date schedule for their original and acquired titles under its Tplus content brand from Telemundo. Tplus builds on Telemundo's legacy of premium content for the full spectrum of U.S. Hispanics and decades-long success providing original Hispanic titles to direct-to-consumer platforms. "Leveraging the unmatched portfolio of NBCUniversal, we are excited to partner with Telemundo to offer this expansive Tplus programming slate for Peacock's growing subscriber base," said Brian Henderson, EVP Programming, Peacock. "We believe in the power of content to shine a spotlight on Hispanic talent and stories, and we're confident these series will be enjoyed by Peacock audiences, no matter their preferred language." Complementing Peacock's streaming of the Spanish-language World Cup coverage (November 20, 2022 through December 18, 2022), Peacock has partnered with Telemundo to launch a slate of original and acquired titles by TPlus in both English and Spanish. Tplus titles are produced in English, Spanish, or both. Each offering is notated below. H2 2022 SCHEDULE: August 24 Promesas de Campaña (now streaming) September 15 'Til Jail do us Part (Peacock Original by Telemundo Streaming Studios, Known as Armas de Mujer in LATAM) September 21 La Fórmula September 29 José Feliciano: Behind this Guitar October 19 The Devil's Watch October 26 Cruzando los Límites November 16 Acoso November 17 Leopard Skin (Peacock Original by Tplus) November 19 Messi November 21 The Life We Share November 21 Pounding Instincts December 11 Sweet Navidad December 15 Love For The Ages (Peacock Original by Tplus, previously Young at Heart) LANGUAGE AVAILABILITY: Peacock Originals - All available with English language and Spanish language subtitles 'Til Jail do us Part Produced in Spanish Leopard Skin Produced in English Love for the Ages Produced in English with Limited Spanish Acquisitions from Tplus - available in native language or Spanish dubbed, all available with English and Spanish subtitles Promesas de Campaña Scripted Dramedy from Mexico \La Fórmula Scripted Drama from Brazil José Feliciano: Behind this Guitar Documentary presented in English The Devil's Watch Scripted Drama from Italy/Spain Cruzando los Límites Scripted Drama from Italy Acoso Scripted Drama from Brazil Messi Documentary from Spain The Life we Share Scripted Drama from Spain Pounding Instincts Scripted Drama from Spain Sweet Navidad Film from the US (English only) ABOUT EACH SERIES - PEACOCK ORIGINALS 'TIL JAIL DO US PART - September 15 NOTE: known as Armas de Mujer in LATAMCAST: Kate del Castillo, Roselyn Sánchez, Sylvia Sáenz, Jeimy Osorio SYNOPSIS: 'Til Jail Do Us Part is a provocative new dramedy series from the creative team behind Telemundo's blockbuster hit La Reina del Sur. Four women suffer their worst nightmare after the police arrest their husbands for being linked to the same criminal organization. Accustomed to a life of abundance, they now must join forces in the most unusual manner as they move from a carefree life of luxury to unleashing all their wiles and weapons to survive. FORMAT: Scripted, 8 x 45 mins, Peacock Original by Telemundo Streaming Studios, binge drop LEOPARD SKIN - November 17CAST: Carla Gugino, Amelia Eve, Gentry White, Philip Winchester, Margot Bingham, Gaite Jansen, Nora Arnezeder, and Ana de la Reguera SYNOPSIS: Fleeing a botched diamond heist, a criminal gang seeks shelter in the remote paradise of Playa Perdida, Mexico in the beachside estate of two women, Alba and Batty. Dark and humorous complications arise when they are joined by two dinner guests (TV producer Max and his flighty girlfriend Maru) and Alba's former housekeeper as they all are soon taken hostage. Murderous secrets, coldhearted betrayals, and shocking desires bubble to the surface as everyone awaits their fate. FORMAT: Scripted, 8 x 30 mins, Peacock Original by Tplus, binge drop LOVE FOR THE AGES - December 15 CAST: N/A SYNOPSIS: From Red Arrow's Kinetic Content, the team behind Love is Blind, Married at First Sight, and Wife Swap, comes Love for the Ages. Is the grass greener on the other side? Deep in the heart of the legendary city of angels, three middle-aged LA-tino couples, all at a personal and emotional crossroads in their marriages, find themselves granted the wish of a lifetime. What will they do with the chance to turn back time and swap their current spouses for much younger partners for a month of real-life change? A powerful social and psychological experiment sparked by the current trend of "age-gap" couples, audiences will share in the discovery as to whether the original couples opt to remain together, for better or worse, or dare to embark on a new life alone or with a sexy new partner. FORMAT: Unscripted, 8 x 60 mins, Peacock Original by Tplus ABOUT EACH SERIES - ACQUISITIONS FROM TPLUS PROMESAS DE CAMPAÑA - August 24 CAST: Rubén Zamora, Silverio Palacios, Fernanda Borches, Juan Carlos Remolina, Darío Ripoll, Julio Sandoval, Elena del Río, Jackeline Ivette, Enrique Arrizón, Teresa Rábado, Fabián Pazzo, Giovanna Zacarías, Sergio Gutierrez, Fernando Becerril, José Sefami,Patricio Castillo, Ricardo Rojas SYNOPSIS: Promesas de Campaña offers a winding tale of swapped identities and political intrigue. When presidential favorite, Gregorio Cuartas, suffers a medical emergency leaving him unable to campaign, his team is forced to search for a replacement. Enter the humble taxi driver Leopoldo Chica - the perfect body double for Cuartas - who finds himself thrust into a foreign world as he steps into the campaign, and into Cuartas' family life while he recovers. In his new role, Chica learns the vice of politics, and the difference that a humble man could mean for a country. FORMAT: Scripted, 13 x 60 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop LA FÓRMULA - September 21 CAST: Drica Moraes, Fábio Assunção, Luisa Arraes SYNOPSIS: After discovering the elixir of youth, a scientist reunites with her high school sweetheart, bringing back many dilemmas from the past. She tests the formula on herself and each dose makes her 30 years younger. She then starts switching between her current persona and the younger one, becoming her own rival. Meanwhile, her former boyfriend falls in love with both versions of the scientist, unaware this love triangle includes both identities of the same woman. FORMAT: Scripted, 8 x 30 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop JOSÉ FELICIANO: BEHIND THIS GUITAR - September 29 CAST: José Feliciano, Gloria Estefan, Emilio Estefan Jr., Carlos Santana, Rudy Perez, Rick Jarrard, Jack Somer, Frank Licari, Susan Feliciano SYNOPSIS: From the slums of Puerto Rico to the world stage, José Feliciano embarks upon a 55+ year career and becomes a nine-time Grammy Winner. Family, friends, celebrities, and José himself, talk about the man who not only climbed the mountain of super-stardom but defied the odds by simply making it to his first birthday. FORMAT: Documentary, 1 x 120 mins, Acquisition from Tplus THE DEVIL'S WATCH - October 19 CAST: Claudia Pandolfi, Giuseppe Fiorello, Álvaro Cervantes, Nicole Grimaudo, Fabrizio Ferracane, Alicia Borrachero SYNOPSIS: Marco is a marine engineer who suddenly finds himself involved in a police operation to infiltrate a Spanish drug trafficking ring. His life falls apart as he moves to another country, lies to his loved ones, and distances himself from his family. Choosing the right side isn't always the best idea when you're on Satan's watch. FORMAT: Scripted, 8 x 60 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop CRUZANDO LOS LÍMITES - October 26 CAST: Alessandro Tedeschi, Camilla Ferranti, Gabriella Pession, Nina Torresi, Paolo Briguglia, Giorgio Marchesi SYNOPSIS: A medical series with a promise of hope, Cruzando los Límites asks "what happens when something shatters in an adolescent's mind?" Tosca Navarro is a psychiatrist and the head of a unit at the cutting edge of treating adolescents with mental disorders. No one else can see into fragile minds with such clarity and wit. But Tosca also holds a secret: a difficult past as a teenager with a personality disorder and a diagnosis of schizophrenia. In order to help her patients, Tosca must think outside the box, and do so quickly, before they cross the threshold of so-called normality. FORMAT: Scripted, 12 x 60 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop ACOSO - November 16 CAST: Antônio Calloni, Adriana Esteves, Paolla Oliveira, Mariana Lima, Jéssica Ellen, Hermila Guedes, Elisa Volpatto, Vera Fischer, Juliana Carneiro da Cunha, Bianca Müller SYNOPSIS: A group of women get together via social media to expose the sexual harassment they all suffered from a renowned specialist in reproductive medicine. This true story chronicles the perseverance and courage of the female protagonists as they reveal their traumatic stories, in the process, uncovering the horror endured by countless women behind the walls of a medical practice. FORMAT: Scripted, 10 x 60 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop MESSI - November 19 CAST: Johan Cruyff, Jorge Valdano, César Luis Menotti SYNOPSIS: Across a series of intimate sit-downs, Lionel Messi's coaches, doctors, journalists, childhood friends, and teammates reveal the essence of who he really is, on and off the cancha. Full of honest conversations, Messi's hardships since childhood, and heartfelt retellings of the most significant moments in his life. Messi is the definitive film about one of the greatest soccer gods of all time. Directed by acclaimed film director Alex de la Iglesia. FORMAT: Documentary, 1 x 120 mins, Acquisition from Tplus THE LIFE WE SHARE - November 21 CAST: Belén Rueda, Aida Folch, Carmen Ruiz, Antonio Molero, Ana Labordeta, Alain Hernandez SYNOPSIS: Children fighting to heal in the pediatric wing of a hospital, while caretakers try to keep their lives under control from the waiting room. Unintentionally, overprotective mothers become obstacles for their children to live full lives while they are going through the difficult tasks life has put in front of them. Dr. Olivia Zavala looks like a cold and distant person, but she is dutifully involved in her cases, leaving her little time to deal with her own problems: a past with a lot of blank spaces and a present full of unwelcome surprises. FORMAT: Scripted, 13 x 60 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop POUNDING INSTINCTS - November 21 CAST: Pablo Derqui, Leonor Watling, Meritxell Calvo, Ingrid Rubio, Juan Diego Botto SYNOPSIS: Spain's greatest surgeon, Alex, undergoes a transplant of his own with startling results. Able to see his donor's memories, he decides to investigate the causes of his donor's death, following clues he sees in flashbacks from his new heart. Along this extraordinary soul altering adventure, Alex encounters the people, both dangerous and benevolent, who may have been responsible for his donor's death, including a woman who helps rewrite his lease on life. FORMAT: Scripted, 13 x 60 mins, Acquisition from Tplus, binge drop SWEET NAVIDAD - December 11 CAST: Camila Banus, Mark Hapka, Melissa Marty, Terri Hoyos, David Fumero, Harrison Grant, Autumn Federici, Susan Ortiz SYNOPSIS: A charming multi-cultural romantic comedy where an aspiring self-taught Latina pastry chef is selected to partner with a professionally trained chef to create a unique menu for a hotel Holiday Gala. With the clock ticking down to Christmas, the two chefs come up with a truly inspired meal made from passion and love! The movie marks Colombian-American actress Brittany Underwood's directorial debut. FORMAT: Film, 1 x 90 mins, Acquisition from Tplus 041b061a72


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