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Secrets Of Closing The Sale ##HOT##

My wife doesn't argue with me when I talk about not having enough money. She used all her sales tactics to convince me; She gradually made me "enlighten" that, not only can we afford that house, but we should also buy it. She told me to agree to pay the increase, taxes, and insurance premiums, and then she split it up as much as possible and showed how easy it was to pay off the debt after buying the house. In the end my wife won.

Secrets of Closing the Sale

So, find out all the information related to the customer, break down the value of the product, convince the customer with all your optimism and pretend not to hear their objections. Ask many questions to identify the problem and lead the customer to make a final decision. The salesperson's imagination helps the customer get what they want.

One of those five reasons why customers don't buy is that there's no need. But, customers, they themselves sometimes do not know what their own needs are. And "money" may be that the customer does not have enough money to buy the product, but it may be a lie. But the real reason is not lack of money, but because customers don't want to own the product. The third reason customers don't buy a product is because they don't feel the need to make a purchase right away. The most difficult task for a salesperson is to get the customer interested enough to make a buying decision right at the moment you are persuading them.

Remember that customers are only rejecting your offer to buy, not they personally rejecting you. Therefore, the most important reason why customers don't buy your product is when they don't believe you, even if they don't say it, but if they think or feel so. Therefore, requirements on professional ethics are necessary, especially sales profession.

The mentality of "Trying to sell at all costs" is common among salespeople who have "questionable" work ethics or are only interested in short-term benefits and not aiming to build a long-term sales career.

Professional sales people understand their work and customers, know how to use words and psychological measures to convince customers to agree. After you've done what you've offered to sell, you also introduce a number of additional services, all to serve the benefit of your customers.

When you win the trust of customers, it also means they will need you. The first order is trust. Customers often do not like to make any decisions, they are always in a state of hesitation. That's when the salesperson plays his role as a consultant.

A confident, positive-thinking salesperson who works on an honest and straightforward basis is the one who most effectively reassures the customer's fears, and truly sees the customer as the loser. if not buy your product.

In 1982, the economic situation was so dire, nearly half of the insurance sales staff fell into a depressed mood and did not want to continue working. It is true that things are more difficult than before, but precisely because other insurance salespeople are not focused on their work, Calvin Hunt has more opportunities to sell insurance because there are few competitors left. He believes his sales are higher than before. It is the attitude that makes the difference.

If you are truly passionate about sales, you must begin to build a true self-image. Thus, you are not building your own career, but you are building people's trust. After all, it is they who create your career.

You must understand that there is no one in this world who can make you feel inferior without your permission. But self-confidence or self-righteousness here is completely different from excessive complacency. All great salespeople have a positive ego. If they let their ego take over, they won't be able to excel. With the right self-awareness, you can meet many customers continuously without the mood being affected by the outcome of those meetings.

Therefore, the salesperson must be aware of the importance of each customer they are dealing with. The best way to get customers is to build a good relationship with the people you are dealing with from the first contact. Always value the time that customers spend and always use that time effectively.

Customers always expect and expect salespeople to be able to truly become a reliable "source of information", always answering their questions immediately, giving them wise opinions, positive feedback. due diligence on the product. A salesperson who knows how to build a good relationship and provide the best customer service, whether it is a piece of advice, product information or a personal opinion will certainly help. fully trusted by its customers.

Many people do not understand that a "good" salesperson is someone who can get people to buy something they don't want or never need. Today, the professional salesperson is a true mentor who can pinpoint the needs of the customer and then fulfill those needs in a practical way.

You need to show your enthusiasm, not only to the first customer but to the last customers of the day. Every customer deserves your best service. Therefore, you must try to get used to the ability to work at high intensity. Therefore, health is an important factor. In addition to regular exercise, you need to follow a nutritious balanced diet and reasonable sleep time. Gaining the necessary knowledge to maintain a good appearance will enhance the effectiveness of meetings with clients. A great salesperson is one who balances the body, mind, and spirit.

You can build your own mental strength by reading good books, attending professional sales training courses, or holding company meetings. All these activities will instill in your mind a positive, clear, optimistic, and healthy way of thinking.

Not only in the field of sales, but in any other profession, we sometimes encounter situations that are not very optimistic. Don't react with anger, frustration, or disappointment, but adapt to it and say to yourself, "I'm going to make this deal!"

Logical factors often affect what customers observe and see, while emotional factors have the effect of attracting them. Therefore, we often choose to practice on specific products so that customers know their operation and features. Use the right words and gestures when approaching customers, your sales opportunities will multiply.

Need to research about the product or service I'm offering. Carefully choose the best words and phrases, explanations, and expressions for your presentation. The general rule of salespeople is "to find what the customer wants and help them get it". With that, your confidence will be so strong that the customer feels convinced.

In today's competitive environment, you must constantly remind your customers and always take care of their needs. You can send each of your customers a greeting card on their holiday, new year, birthday or some special occasion. Referrals from old customers to potential new customers are extremely important, these referrals are "guaranteed", the easiest and surest method of building a sales career.

You create the image of a friend, and a consultant, always helping your customers choose the right product, and then make them happy with that choice. After each sale, you not only have one more customer, but also one more friend.

I once went to the dentist at Dr. McDougal's dental office, because I knew he was a good dentist. The professionalism of the clinic staff is reflected in the thoughtful care when taking care of their patients. Dr. McDougal is truly a honest dentist, and more than that, he is also a true sales professional because of his dedicated care and concern for his customers.

I entered History class thinking that I would study just enough to pass the final exam. But when class ended and I understood why I needed to study history, I decided to become a history major. Mr. Harris is indeed an excellent salesman. He has "sold" to young people concepts and ideas to become more dynamic, creative and effective in the future world.

Bill, a reputable builder, builds houses just so he can make friends. Bill is wise enough to know that when he gets his job done, doing more than he gets paid for, to make a client like me happy, I'll tell anyone sooner or later. Anyone who wants to build a house, that Bill is the person they are looking for. Bill is really a professional salesman.

Thom Norman's forte is phone sales, but he also learns and researches a lot about other sales methods. For him, the success or failure of a deal depends a lot on your wording, and that expression cannot be without important words.

You have to remember, your job is to sell, not "answer every objection". In fact, customers are very rarely completely satisfied with everything related to your product. There are objections that you cannot resolve. As long as they don't say "no" directly, we still have a chance to make a sale.

Sometimes salespeople will encounter difficult and frustrating deals. That's when they asked a "push" question but the customer remained silent. You should not continue to be silent, just for a moment, when you see what the customer is about to say, it is time to speak up. You smile and say, Sir, when I was a child, my mother used to say that silence is consent. In your opinion, is it true what my mother said?" This is how to put pressure on customers. But the first purpose is to create opportunities for customers to create pressure for themselves.

During the sales process, you need to clearly visualize, memorize and practice over and over exactly what you want to say. You also need to anticipate the customer's reaction, seeing them nod, and then the image and face of the customer excited after receiving information about the product you recommend to them. The tone, the words, the phrases all point towards the same goal. That's the "assumption" tactic.

Enthusiasm plays a huge part in conveying our feelings for the product we are selling to our customers, creating a successful deal. But when you go overboard, you can lose the deal. But you can trust that you may miss a sale because you are too enthusiastic but you will miss a hundred deals if you do not show your full enthusiasm. Because customers may feel you are trying to dominate or impose your thoughts, beliefs and products on them. 041b061a72


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