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[S2E20] Rupture

Peter Bishop flat out ceased to exist, and we know that didn't happen to Barry, so things are already looking up on this end. At least Barry has people fighting to get him back. He's not all alone. But he did rupture.

[S2E20] Rupture

Bailey and her remaining interns follow Addison into Mrs. Gibson's room. Her membranes ruptured prematurely at 28 weeks. She's confined to bed rest. Mrs. Gibson would like to have the baby now through C-section, but Addison wants her blood work before they make further decisions. Mr. Gibson is glad Addison has taken the case. He comments that she resembles a young Catherine Deneuve. Addison's flattered, but it turns a bit awkward so she leaves the room. Mr. Gibson is looking forward to her next visit.

Meredith tells Sylvia about the double-barrel brain bypass. Derek says he's going to use two scalp arteries to redirect the blood flow in her brain around the aneurysm. It's a rare surgery. He's done it successfully once and watched it once. There's a risk that the aneurysm could rupture on the table. Sylvia says no. They're leaving for Europe.

Penny was pregnant and had had a premature rupture of her membranes at 28 weeks. She spent the following seven weeks on bed rest to prevent early labor. Addison was waiting on blood work to make a plan. After she got the blood work back, Addison scheduled a c-section. 041b061a72


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