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The impact of these challenges is not something we take lightly. We understand the severe effects this strain is having on our customers and their clients. While we cannot control global supply chain disruptions, we are working tirelessly to find solutions that improve glass availability and delivery times. We anticipate this situation may last the remainder of 2021. In addition, we are doing everything possible to limit the impact of our cost increases.

buy custom mirror

Please choose the shape below that best describes your mirror glass. The shape does not have to match your piece exactly because in the next step, you will have a chance to customize your order to your exact specifications.

You have several choices for installing your custom mirror. In general, you will need to be sure to install your mirror on a sturdy part of your wall (on studs if you can). Typically, we recommend that our customers use mirror mastic and either decorative clips or j-bars to install their mirror, for extra support.

Mirror prices are influenced by a variety of factors, and a good mirror is one that is suitable for your project. The following factors influence the mirror pricing and whether it is appropriate for your project: Size, shape, thickness, and type of mirror. Among the other factors that will influence the selection of a mirror are: whether the mirror is a lead or copper free mirror, whether the mirror is made of HD glass or regular annealed glass, and whether the mirror has a safety backing or lamination.

The best mirrors are those that are lead and copper free. HD glass provides exceptional clarity. A laminated mirror (Mirasafe) offers superior safety. When weight is a determining factor, acrylic mirrors may be the best choice. Mirrors with a thickness of 1/4 inch are the most popular and considered to be the best for a glass mirror. The quality of the silver backing in the mirror will determine the clarity of the reflection.

Flat polish edge mirrors: A flat edge, the most common, has been sanded down and polished to a smooth shiny finish. Mirrors with flat polish edges are an excellent addition to a modern, minimalist décor.

Beveled edge mirrors: A beveled edge involves cutting and polishing a mirror with a specific bevel width, which is chosen by the buyer during customization. Normal bevel widths can range in size from 1/4" to 1-3/4". The end product is very attractive; making beveled edge mirrors a perfect stand-alone decorative element for any room. For more information about beveled edge customization, go to our beveled mirror page.

Seamed edge mirrors: A seamed edge is applied to mirrors primarily as a safety precaution. The rough edges are sanded down, making the mirror easier to handle. However, due to the relatively unfinished look of a seamed edge, this type of mirror is mainly recommended for framing.

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Give your space instant designer style with a custom mirror frame! Our Add A Frame kits adhere directly to the surface of your mirror, so they will install easily if your mirror is against a wall or is resting on a backsplash. No mirror? No problem! You can purchase one of our custom framed mirrors and have it built to fit in most any space.Frame My Mirror offers a wide variety of styles and colors so you get the exact look you want. Browse our many Add A Frame and Framed Mirror options, then follow the simple measuring instructions to begin your design makeover!

Good news: Mixing hardware gets a solid green light from our design experts, with a few parameters in mind. In fact, when done tastefully, mixing metals can make a home feel intentional and custom. Read four of our top tips to avoid common decorating faux pas.

Customize your mirror and buy the exact size you need for a framed mirror to brighten up your home or interior design project. These large custom framed mirrors can be used as bathroom mirrors, decorative mirrors, floor mirrors, full length dressing mirrors, entry mirrors, fireplace mantle mirrors, modern & contemporary mirrors, or just as a huge leaning wall mirror.

MirrorLot has the largest collection of mirror frames and the most options for sizes. View our collection of gold frames, black frames, white frames, silver frames, espresso frames, or search by keywords to select a frame for your mirror.

Every MirrorLot mirror goes through a meticulous quality control process to ensure our high quality standards are met. The quality you see in our mirrors are far more superior than those imported mirrors you often see online or in retail stores. Our works can be found in top hotels and real estate developments all over the country.

Your mirror is shipped in a special designed box just for shipping mirrors. These special shipping boxes and padding material for mirrors have been through many rigorous testing processes developed by our partnership with FedEx and UPS.

With a custom mirror, you get to choose the dimensions, style and features that you want. There is no need for long hours of shopping, as you can simply take measurements and have your mirrors customized to your specific requirement.

So, why buy a custom mirror? There are a number of scenarios where a custom mirror will add functionality and style to your home. While you will probably have your own unique needs, it helps to understand how a custom mirror generally makes life much easier for everyone.

Although the bathroom is generally a private space, there are times when more than one household member will need to use the mirror at the same time. For instance, mornings are especially stressful as everyone scrambles to get ready for work or school.

If you have ever visited a gym, you may have noticed that they usually have horizontal mirrors in the changing areas. That is because it is likely that a number of people will need to use the mirror at any given time. So, if you have a busy home, it makes sense to have a bathroom mirror that is larger. Everyone can get ready at the same time, without having to form an orderly line at the door.

Unless you live with a group of clones, it is likely that each member of the family will have their own individual style. That makes buying mirrors for bedrooms challenging, to say the least. By buying custom mirrors, you can match the style and practicality to each room. Regardless of the room size, you can have a custom made mirror to fit the space.

Again, you can strategically place mirrors in living areas to create the impression of more space, or to reflect light. On the other hand, you may want mirrors as decorative focal points. Regardless of your need, custom mirrors are the most practical solution. There is no need to compromise on your vision, as you can dictate the style, size and shape of each mirror.

Another benefit of a custom mirror is the ability to completely transform the appearance of a room. When you consider the cost of decorating a living space, it is much cheaper to buy a custom mirror. You will still have either the same or improved functionality, with the added bonus of breathing new life into your living area.

While practical tips on functionality and placement are useful, choosing custom mirrors can still present challenges. The vision you have in your head may not always play out as you hope. Therefore, it is essential that you only purchase custom mirrors from an experienced, reliable supplier.

We have invested a lot of time and effort to ensure that every member of our team is an expert in delivering exceptional customer service. When you contact Anchor-Ventana Glass, we assign you your very own customer service team, who will handle all your questions and needs.

Choose from the options above to order custom cut-to-size acrylic mirror sheets and panels. Acme Plastics has a broad selection of stock sizes and a range of colors available. This additional option allows you to select just the size and dimensions you need without the need to purchase and store excess materials. After dimensions are selected an updated price per custom sheet will be displayed.

We offer a variety of customization options and edge polishing methods for our acrylic mirror sheets. For a glossier edge select an option with polished edges. Soften the edges of your acrylic sheets with beveled or rounded edges or radius/rounded corners.Have additional questions about any of these options? Contact our team at Acme Plastics for more information on our acrylic edge polishing and finishing options.

Standard Cut-to-Size length and width tolerances for acrylic mirror panels are +/-1/8", although a typical mirror sheet will be more precise. If you or your team acquires a greater degree of accuracy, please contact our team. Our acrylic mirror sheet thickness tolerances are +/- 10% and can vary throughout the sheet, but differences are typically less than 5%. Please refer to nominal and actual sheet thicknesses below.

We offer three sizes of round pocket mirrors that you can customize in our easy online tool. Not sure what to print on your custom mirrors? Our superb pocket mirror samples can help out. These high resolution photos will give you a close-up view of our high quality product and printing, and maybe give you some ideas for your own personalized mirrors! Our unique pocket-sized mirrors are the perfect custom swag item. This is custom merch that gets your customers excited! 041b061a72


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