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Pointers In Business Law By Suarez Pdf Downloadl

Pointers in Business Law by Suarez PDF Download

Pointers in Business Law is a book written by Carlos B. Suarez and Alexander Q. Suarez, aimed at helping CPA reviewees prepare for the business law portion of the CPA examination. The book covers topics such as contracts, obligations, sales, agency, partnership, corporation, negotiable instruments, insurance, taxation, labor law, and intellectual property law. The book is divided into two volumes, each containing multiple choice questions and answers, as well as explanations and references to relevant laws and jurisprudence.

The book is published by GIC Enterprises & Co., Inc., and the latest edition was released in 2019. The book is available in paperback format and has 639 pages for volume 1 and 622 pages for volume 2. The ISBN of the book is 9786214160679 for volume 1 and 9786214160686 for volume 2.

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The book is widely used by CPA reviewees and instructors as a reference and study material for the business law subject. The book is praised for its comprehensive coverage, clear presentation, updated content, and reliable sources. The book is also useful for students, practitioners, and researchers who want to learn more about Philippine business law.

The book can be purchased from various bookstores and online platforms. However, some people may want to download the PDF version of the book for free. This may be due to various reasons, such as convenience, accessibility, affordability, or curiosity. However, downloading the PDF version of the book without the permission of the authors or the publisher may be considered as an infringement of their intellectual property rights. This may expose the downloader to legal consequences, such as civil damages, criminal penalties, or injunctions.

Therefore, it is advisable to respect the rights of the authors and the publisher and obtain the book legally. This will not only support their work and encourage them to produce more quality books, but also avoid any potential legal troubles. Moreover, reading the book legally will ensure that the reader gets the most accurate and updated information from the original source.

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