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The regulations covered in this part 327 shall be applicable to water resources development projects, completed or under construction, administered by the Chief of Engineers, and to those portions of jointly administered water resources development projects which are under the administrative jurisdiction of the Chief of Engineers. All other Federal, state and local laws and regulations remain in full force and effect where applicable to those water resources development projects.

We found 327 resources for you..

9. The permittee agrees to construct the facility within the time limit agreed to on the permit issuance date. The permit shall become null and void if construction is not completed within that period. Further, the permittee agrees to operate and maintain any permitted facility and/or activity in a manner so as to provide safety, minimize any adverse impact on fish and wildlife habitat, natural, environmental, or cultural resources values and in a manner so as to minimize the degradation of water quality.

The conservation practice physical effects (CPPE) document provides guidance on how the application of that practice will affect the resources (soil, water, air, plants, animals, energy, and human) and the resource concerns associated with each of those resources. The worksheet that is on the server reflects the best estimate of the effects, either positive or negative, of that practice on the resource concerns. Access the National CPPE tool for selecting conservation practices.

Alert: Beginning July 1, 2022, we will issue a new travel authorization document to Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries: Form I-512T, Authorization for Travel by a Noncitizen to the United States, provided that the beneficiary is found to merit such discretionary authorization.

Beginning July 1, 2022, we will issue a new travel authorization document to Temporary Protected Status (TPS) beneficiaries: Form I-512T, Authorization for Travel by a Noncitizen to the United States, provided that the beneficiary is found to merit such discretionary authorization. We will no longer issue advance parole documents as evidence of our prior authorization for a TPS beneficiary to be permitted to reenter the United States if the beneficiary travels abroad.

The study, Economic Costs of Diabetes in the U.S. in 2017, was commissioned by the ADA and addresses the increased financial burden, health resources used, and lost productivity associated with diabetes in 2017. The study includes a detailed breakdown of costs along gender, racial, and ethnic lines, and also includes a breakdown of costs on a state-by-state basis.

This estimate highlights the substantial burden that diabetes imposes on society. Additional components of societal burden omitted from our study include intangibles from pain and suffering, resources from care provided by non-paid caregivers, and the burden associated with undiagnosed diabetes.

We have more than 35 years of experience working with farmers. When you contact Farm Aid, our goal is to connect you with helpful services, resources and opportunities specific to your individual needs. Our Farmer Resource Network offers many ways for you to connect.

Get in touch with our Farmer Services team for one-on-one assistance. Whether you are a beginning or established farmer you can call our Farmer Hotline. Our Farmer Services team is here to help point you towards helpful resources that match your needs.

Our online directory contains more than 750 organizations all over the United States that work directly with farmers on a variety of issues. They are staffed with farm advocates, technical assistance experts, business and finance coaches, counselors and hotline operators that can help connect you with the information and resources you need.

As you register, you will be asked a series of questions about your interests and concerns, and then you will receive tailored suggestions for wellness and mental health resources through the site. You can then download the associated NEUROFLOW app which allows you access to these resources at any time. This program can help you with:

The Employee Assistance Program - EAP is here to help with the care, information, and resources needed to handle life's challenges. GuidanceResources from ComPsych helps you address personal challenges, support positive change and improve your well-being. We help you address the complexities of life and everyday issues such as relationship problems, stress, grief and loss, energizing a career and dealing with trauma.

Three other studies, not included in the two literature reviews above, have shown interesting relationships between leadership behaviours and various quality outcomes. In a study of New York nursing homes, Hasemann [45] showed that authoritative leadership was systematically related to higher quality of care while nonauthoritative leadership was not. With authoritative leadership Hasemann [45] meant leaders who were delegating and telling, related to the followers both flexibly and decisively and made firm and impartial decisions. Nonauthoritarian leaders, by contrast, related to employees on a more personal level and were striving to please the employees and make them happy. Albinsson and Stang [46], in interviewing 32 experienced nursing home employees about how they thought the leader should function to achieve high quality of care, found that task-oriented behaviour characterized by well-defined leadership, goal formulation and care planning was emphasised as decisive in this regard. In a study at a relatively large Swedish hospital, Sellgren et al. [47] investigated the difference between staff and nurse managers in their preferences of leadership style for achieving high quality of care. They found that subordinates preferred leaders that took an active and clear leadership role and focused on production-orientated aspects of leadership rather than relationship-orientated aspects.

Even though the majority of the studies in this research field have found that staffing levels and the proportion of registered nurses are significantly related to quality of care, a significant number of studies have not been able to link the two predictors and the specified criterion. For example, Rantz et al. [4] investigated 92 nursing homes in Missouri and did not find any effect for either staffing levels or staff mix. The study had reliable staffing data and a robust design, with data collected both quantitatively and qualitatively, the latter by two to four days of participating observations at each nursing home. Likewise, Winsløw & Borg [52] surveyed 7500 care workers in 36 municipalities in Denmark and found no association between increased staffing levels or level of professional training and quality of care provided by the individual care worker. Furthermore, Arling [2] and Berlowitz [53] did not find any significant relationship between staffing levels or staff mix and quality of care in their studies. In a Norwegian setting, three studies have investigated the relationship between total staffing levels and quality of care in nursing homes. Two of the studies found no significant relationship [33, 54], while one of the studies found a significant positive effect of increased staffing levels on quality of care [32]. Harsvik et al. [54] also studied the effect of increased ratios of registered nurses on quality of care; however, they found no significant effect.

From earlier studies in nursing homes we know that organizational characteristics like ownership status, size and care level have effect on the level of quality of care [4, 32, 50, 62, 63]. As all nursing homes included in the present study were nonprofit and both owned and run by the local municipality, the ownership variable was irrelevant. Size and care level are both relevant variables, but due to our limited sample (N = 40) we choose to include only one of them. As size was less correlated with the three quality indexes (r = 0.28 versus r = 0.40), we included care level as a confounder. We additionally controlled for possible interaction effects among the independent variables [50, 64]. The interaction effects were tested separately to limit the degrees of freedom. One significant interaction effect was found between task- and relationship-oriented leadership. The interaction effect was significant in the model with quality of care assessed by relatives only and is therefore not reported.

Another explanation for the lack of effect could be the choice of quality measures used in the study. Arling et al. [2] suggested that process measures of quality may be more sensitive to staffing than outcome measures. This is because the outcome measures could be influenced by many other factors besides the defined predictors. In the literature review by Castle [11] 40% of the process indicators were found to be positively associated with staffing levels, as compared to 38% of the outcome measures. Yet, Castle [11] underscored that there was an extreme diversity in the quality indicators examined in the studies and that the type of quality measures may influence the effect of staffing. The majority of the quality of care items in the present study were outcome measures (see Appendix).

At last, it should be emphasized that the results concerning the effects of staffing levels and ratio of registered nurses on quality of care is ambiguous. Even if Castle [11] found a relationship between the two variables in most of the studies he examined in his literature review, 60% of the quality indicators in those studies were not related to increased staffing levels and 48% of the quality indicators were not related to increased level of registered nurses. Furthermore, the literature review by Spilsbury et al. [13] concluded that: "...research has produced inconsistent and contradictory results about the link between nurse staffing and quality in nursing homes." (p. 748).

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