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Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 Review

Avatar: The Last Airbender is an animated series that follows the adventures of Aang, a young boy who is the reincarnation of the Avatar, the master of all four elements. Along with his friends Katara, Sokka, and later Toph, he travels across the world to learn the four elements and stop the Fire Nation from conquering the other nations.

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The first season, also known as Book One: Water, introduces the main characters and the setting of the show. It consists of 20 episodes that aired from February to December 2005. The season received critical acclaim for its animation, story, characters, humor, and themes. It was nominated for several awards, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program.

Plot Summary

The season begins with Katara and Sokka, siblings from the Southern Water Tribe, discovering Aang frozen in an iceberg. They free him and learn that he is the Avatar, who has been missing for 100 years. Aang reveals that he ran away from his home at the Southern Air Temple when he learned that he was the Avatar, and got caught in a storm that froze him in ice. He also learns that during his absence, the Fire Nation started a war that wiped out his people and threatened the other nations.

Aang decides to travel to the North Pole to find a waterbending master who can teach him waterbending, the first element he needs to master. Along the way, he encounters various enemies and allies, such as Zuko, the banished prince of the Fire Nation who is obsessed with capturing him; Iroh, Zuko's wise and humorous uncle who advises him; Jet, a charismatic rebel leader who fights against the Fire Nation; Roku, Aang's previous incarnation who guides him through his journey; and Zhao, a ruthless Fire Nation admiral who seeks to destroy the Avatar.

The season also explores the cultures and histories of the four nations, as well as the spiritual aspects of bending and being the Avatar. Aang visits several locations that are important to his past and future, such as the Southern Air Temple, where he finds out that his mentor Gyatso was killed by the Fire Nation; Omashu, where he meets his old friend King Bumi; the Spirit World, where he learns about the balance between nature and humanity; and the Northern Water Tribe, where he meets Princess Yue and Master Pakku.

The season culminates in a two-part finale, where Aang and his friends defend the Northern Water Tribe from Zhao's invasion. Aang enters the Avatar State and merges with the Ocean Spirit to repel the attackers, while Zuko duels Zhao for his honor. Zhao kills the Moon Spirit, which causes the waterbenders to lose their power and plunges the world into darkness. Yue sacrifices herself to revive the Moon Spirit, restoring balance to the world. Aang returns to normal and embraces Katara, while Zuko is rescued by Iroh. The season ends with a cliffhanger, as Fire Lord Ozai assigns his daughter Azula to capture Zuko and Iroh.

Critical Reception

Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 received widespread praise from critics and audiences alike. It was praised for its animation quality, which blended traditional anime style with American influences. It was also praised for its complex and engaging storylines, which combined action, adventure, comedy, drama, and fantasy. The characters were also well-developed and likable, with each having their own personality, backstory, and arc. The show also tackled mature themes such as war, genocide, oppression, identity, spirituality, and morality.

The season was nominated for several awards, including an Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program for its episode "The Siege of the North". It also won an Annie Award for Best Animated Television Production. It has been ranked as one of the best animated shows of all time by various publications.


Avatar: The Last Airbender Season 1 is a masterpiece of animation that deserves all the acclaim it has received. It is a show that appeals to both children and adults alike with its captivating storylines, memorable characters, stunning visuals, and profound themes. It is a show that transcends its genre and medium to deliver a timeless tale of adventure, friendship, and heroism.


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