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I'm still working on the game, I'll be implementing updates in order of increasing size. - Patch for visual bugs, minor performance tweaks, Dragon Balls can now be customized once (Similar to Xenoblade and Xenoverse), and more. - Patch for game bugs. More details to come in a later update. - Patch for last 15 bugs. More details to come in a later update. - New stuff (Got this part from you guys, mentioned it in both posts, I'm sorry I forgot to mention in the first post). - New Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 (Unfortunate I forgot the date and month, I'll get it cleared) will hit closer to spring. - More details to come in a later post.


Hey there, First of all. I want to mention my gratitude for your hard work with the game. It seems everything that was planned has been done. I would like to describe the functionality of this... It seems that there is a wonderful reduction in the lag time the target faces after death. Never before have you entered an arena fighting on your own ability. You can perform all Ultimate's with the same ease as a normal attack. At the same time, you can land many skills without being interrupted. There is a new Awakening technique, which you are able to use with only the basic form of Dragon Balls. There are also many new techniques to heal. There are also many new Sculpts. Now I'd like to ask you guys to review and make a few modifications, such as: Create a unified page for removing the racial damage texts. Create a new page with the customization of the Guardian Dragon Balls' art. Have a page for the different colors of Beast Ball. Your version of the Ultimate Move. Having more graphics for the moves of the previous game. Create as much pages as you can, for each and every Dragon Ball or technique. Most specifically, a page for the Dragon Ball or Ultimate Move. In general, I want this game to be in the shape of 2.2's. I'd like to ask you to make Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 the next installment of Xenoverse, with this content will be completed. For that, I would like to ask you for cooperation. Thank you for the work, and I look forward to the game with the new developments.


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