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The Ultimate Guide to Downloading and Installing Android 4.0.1 Ice Cream Sandwich on Your Phone

Afterward your are able to download Android apps from Google market. But not all apps are valid for x86 platform. During my first test drive, I successfully downloaded and installed Astro file manager, Kindle reader and a couple of other apps. I also was able to connect my Windows PC via WiFi with my Android ICS netbook. Then I used android debug bridge (adb) and Dalvik Debug Monitor to access Android, take screenshots and inspect the machines file system.

android 4.0 1 ice cream sandwich download

Note: Be aware that all settings are get lost if you boot up in a live system. I will try in a next step how to install Android x86 ice cream sandwich on a SD card. Then it should be possible to boot the installed version from this SD card. And settings made during a session should remain a reboot.

android is a software for tablet and phones, the platform is based on linux kernel. it can be modified by programmer and now it has many versions like gingerbread, ice cream sandwich, jelly bean, honeycomb, etc.Fachrunnisa Firdausi /IT 2E/ 214


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